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Boston Startup Map (featuring MobileAware Boston!)


The startup scene in Boston is finally starting to rev up. But how can you keep track of all of them? Our friends at Kinvey, a provider of backend services for mobile developers, drew up a spectacular map to display just that.

The visualization, aptly named Boston Startup Map, includes a number of major startup players in the area and then sorts them by the neighborhood they reside in. Take a peak, and you’ll find MobileAware sitting in the Downtown Crossing/Rowes Wharf section.

About MobileAware

MobileAware provides mobile solutions to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) such as Orange, T-Mobile, TELUS, Telefónica, and Vodafone enabling their customers to engage with them via their mobile device to manage their accounts and solve problems. MobileAware is a leading, VC-funded, software start-up with global presence that builds products used by millions of individuals. Join our team and work with an experienced group in the mobile space to create cutting-edge mobile web technologies.

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MobileAware's solutions harness the multiple ways in which operators already interact with users today- via stores, online, call center, IVR, chat and social networks-by integrating them into the smartphone-mediated experience


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